Oleg Krönström

Started practicing physiotherapy since 2016. Orthopedic and sports physiotherapy had my main interest in university, that’s why I continuously learning new information and offer my expertise this fields. In order to offer high quality service, I participate in different congresses, courses and often read researches regarding my field. Since there is none universal treatment method that can fit all, I look at each problem regarding persons individual needs.  

CV / Education
  • Graduated from University of Tartu with magister degree in the field Tervishoid / medicine Physiotherapy.
  • Juuli 2016 – Okt 2016 Adeli Eesti OÜ (physiotherapist)
  • Nov 2016 – Jaan 2018 My Fitness AS (fphysiotherapist/personaltrainer) 
  • Jaan 2019 – okt 2020 SAKU SPORTING MTÜ (womens team physiotherapist) 
  • Juuli 2020 – Jaan 2021 Perekliinik OÜ (physiotherapist)
  • Aug 2016 – Jun 2021 AS Medicum Tervishoiuteenused (physiotherapist) 
  • Sept 2019 – till this day Tervisealused OÜ (Physiotherapis and founder)
Courses and congresses 
  • 2021 Structural osteopathy, upper region (30h)
    Long Covid patient rehabilitation (3h)
    Pulmonary rehabilitation (6h)
    Structural osteopathy, down region (30h) 
  • 2020 Visceral osteopathy Thorax. (30h)
    Psychological aspect in physiotherapist work with athletes (8h)
    22nd European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (36h)
    Estonian Neurology conference (8h) 
  • 2019 Osteoarthritis workshop (8h)
    Pain workshop (8h) 
  • 2018 Cardiac rehabilitation (10h) 
  • 2017 Neurological conditions and walk therapy (8h)
    TRX Suspension Traineriga (8h) 
  • 2016 Fertilitas rehabilitation conference (8h)
    Neck region complaints(8h)
    Internship superviser course (4h)
    Kinesiotaping course (8h)

Price and Services 

First physiotherapy session 

60 min. Evaluation, consulting, setting goals on which will be made a rehabilitation plane 60€ 

Repetitive physiotherapy session 

40 min. Supervised session, progress analysis, changes in the rehabilitation plane, consulting 35€
(if you take more than 5 sessions then the price is 30€ per session)

Manual and electro physical therapy 

40 min. The use of electrostimulation, percussion massage, shockwave therapy and manual adjustments.
NB! For this treatment you have to attend the first physiotherapy session or have an appointment (saatekiri) from you doctor) 30€ per segment (back/ shoulder region and arms / legs)  

Shock wave therapy

20 minutes. Using only Shock Wave Therapy. NB! Treatment is carried out only after the initial viewing or if there is a referral for shock wave therapy from a doctor! 30€. When paying immediately for 5 procedures, the price is 130 €


20 min. Applying a special kinesiotape 15€


The therapy sessioon is hold at Ravi 27, tallinna laste polikliinik, on the 3 floor in the room 310.
How to prepare for physiotherapy session?
It would be wise to put comfortable clothes that wouldn’t restrict your movement. It is also important to know that physiotherapist may ask you to remove your clothes, to examine the troubled body part. It is also wise to drink lots of fluids during the day and to refrain from difficult digestive food and eating right before the session.